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Events That Should be Hosted with a Food Tour

Here are events that should be hosted with a food tour.

Anyone who organizes events knows how difficult it can be to find fun things to do to attract people, and get them to have a good time and remember your event. To help with this, here’s a list a 6 events that are perfectly suited for private food tours. Throughout this list, I make recommendations and give ideas as to how a food tour could make your event a great success.

Event # 1 – Birthday Parties and AnniversariesEvents That Should be Hosted with a Food Tour

Organize a tour designed to the tastes of the birthday boy or girl.

Birthday food tours are a great way to spend an evening with a group of friends without having to sit around a table talking to the same person to your right and to your left all night. Enjoy 4 or 5 different restaurants, chat with all the guests, discover great places to eat, and meet the chefs, owners, or sommeliers that make this city a great place to eat.

A fun and elegant way to celebrate.

The great thing about organizing a private tour is that you can customize it to the needs of the guests. Pay attention to what the birthday girl or boy enjoys in food and make sure to the communicate that the tour hosts. Then, think about where you want the tour. Some people like to discover places close to home. Other people like to go far from home and discover neighbourhoods they are less likely to visit. Finally, think about what to do after. Your host should take you to a place to finish your evening where you will want to stay and celebrate. This is your tour, customize it to your needs.

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Event # 2 – Bachelor(ette) Parties

Go out for a night on the town like never before.

Everyone knows that bachelor(ette) parties should reflect the tastes and preferences of the bachelor(ette). A wild bachelor(ette) will want to have great food, a few drinks, some shots, and VIP entrance at the hot places in town. A more easy going bachelor(ette) will want a great meal, paired wine, and fun games to keep the night alive.

Design it to fit the needs of the bachelor(ette)

When you throw a bachelor(ette) party, take the time to think about what the guest of honor wants. Think about things like, where would this person go if he or she had the choice? What would she or he like to drink? Should the party include a party bus or a limousine? At what time does the bachelor(ette) normally go home? All these questions and more are essential to throwing the best party ever (for the bachelor(ette)). You should also think about the way people will get to the tour and back home. A great tour will organize all of this for you and throw in a few perks.

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Events That Should be Hosted with a Food Tour

Event # 3 – Entertaining Clients

Take clients for an entertaining and sophisticated night out

Finding ways to give clients a good night out while having the time to talk business can sometimes be tricky. During a food tour, you can talk business without feeling like you need to only focus on serious things. Going from restaurant to restaurant you will easily find topics of conversation that will help you grow a relationship with your clients and get a feel of their needs and wants.

Show appreciation to your customers

Whether they are from the area or from out of town, taking your customers on a food tour will give them the opportunity to discover the best places to go in town. Not only will they want to bring their friends, family, and customers back to these restaurants, they will talk about the person who made them discover these places. Through it’s pacing, the opportunities to sit and chat, and the entertainment value, food tours are the best way to show clients a good time.

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Events That Should be Hosted with a Food Tour

Event # 4 – Business Presentations

Events That Should be Hosted with a Food TourA unique way to seel products and services

Ever wonder how you could get the attention of new customers for long periods of time without boring them or having them not join you presentations? Through a food tour, you could organize a presentation of products or services to people while keeping them entertained and getting immediate feedback. This is simple, break down a longer presentation into 4 small presentations and let your guests enjoy their night while hearing about what you have to offer.

Have a presentation at each destination

To make this happen you simply need to figure our what you message is. Break it down into the number of restaurants you want to visit and sell your product. To prepare for these, you should organize your presentation in collaboration with the tour guide. He will make sure you have enough time to present what you need to. Have all the audio-visual aspects of the presentations ready and aide in the sale of the product. Between restaurants you will even have the time to chat with your guests and get feedback on their interest. Then, sit down with you guests, have some food, answer questions, and sell!

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Event # 5 – Networking Events

Take the awkwardness out of meeting new people

Going to events to shake hands and meet new people can be a little awkward. How do you approach people? What do you say? How do you talk about yourself without sounding conceeded or pretentious? Through food tours you get the chance to interact with people without having the pressure to talk only about yourself. Talk about food, drinks, the city, and let your personnality shine through.

Interact with as many people as possible

The organization of a food tour allows you to mingle with many people in one night. To do this, make sure you sit with different people during the night. Between restaurants walk with someone different. This will allow you to make as many connections as possible without forcing yourself into already formed groups. Food tour allow you to this since the focus isn’t on you so much as it is on a night filled with great food, great drinks, and great opportunities.

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Event # 6 – Team Building

Take your team off the beaten paths

The everyday routine of working and being around the same peope can put a strain on relationships. Sometimes, it’s important to step out of the box and allow people to develop relationships in other contexts. A food tour is the perfect way to do this. Get your staff or colleagues to have a good night out and build friendship in the process.

Focus on something else than work

By enjoying different foods and drinks, and learning about restaurants and neighbourhoods, you’re giving your colleagues the opportunity to show different facets of their personnality to others. You might discover that someone is a foody, or that another is a little lush. This type of activity is perfect for giving people an opportunity to learn about each other. Book a food tour to enjoy your colleagues’ presence.

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