Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want you to discover the best restaurants in Ottawa and Gatineau. 

It can sometimes be difficult to tell which restaurants are worth your money. So, we evaluate the restaurants for you and bring you to the ones that are worth while. There you will learn about food and see that a great dinning experience is within reach in most neighbourhoods of this city.

Experience Food's secondary mission is to show off the culinary scene of Ottawa and Gatineau. During the last 10 year, the area has become a great place to dine. The diversity and the quality of our chefs makes it stand out. We want to show this to locals and tourists alike.

Don't spend your money on average food, invest in an experience of the best food of the Ottawa | Gatineau region.

Mathieu (the owner)

Mathieu is the definition of a foodie! He loves to try new and original food, and he's always seeking new places to eat and drink.


An Ottawa resident for almost 12 years now, he comes from the small town of Casselman a half hour East of Ottawa. The son of a Chef de cuisine and caterer (www.TBBCatering.ca), he was raised in food and appreciates classic French cuisine as much as eclectic fusion and non-traditionnal fare. Good food is a staple in his life.

Throughout his 12 years as a server and a bartender he's had the opportunity to learn what makes good restaurants good. Now, he organizes tours that help people discover the best places to go for truly good food. According to him, good food is a mixture of technique, fresh ingredients and passion. Some restaurants have some of these components while others don't. What Mathieu looks for when developping tours are the restaurants that fulfill these criteria. Above all, however, Mathieu looks for originality and elements that distinguish establishements, as well as attention to detail in the food as well as in the service.

A PHD student in the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Ottawa, Mathieu also has a passion for understanding society. He appreciates the importance of history and culture, and believes that food is the reflection of this. He's had the opportunity to work at very good restaurants in Ottawa and has gathered a lot of knowledge of food and wine during this time. 

You can trust that Mathieu chooses restaurants that will satisfy you!

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